We manage, lease, and have redeveloped retail centers from 4,000 to 100,000+ square feet.  Ensuring that a shopping center always has its ‘best foot forward’ goes a long way to maintaining tenant satisfaction.  Our willingness to get to know tenants, their needs and wants, and what is important to them in their place of business helps our management goals for the center and adds to ownership’s ‘bottom line’.

We understand how integral it is to get to know your tenant's businesses and build a strong relationship built on trust and respect.


Professional office buildings managed and leased, range in size from 2,500 to 80,000 square feet.  Our responsiveness and reliable vendors enable us not only to ensure timeliness in our efforts to address any issues which may arise, but also helps our owners to retain their office tenants.


We manage from 6,000 to 330,000 square feet, single to multi-tenant buildings; common area maintenance, supervision and security are the focus.

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